Mutual Reality

By Peter Steersman, 16 October 2008

Opens an approach to MEDIA, its present, its future.......The emphasis will be on the exploration of existing media, be it high-tech or lo-tech, and the way they can co-exist. It will be process based with the emphasis on the synthesis of different media making a "field" work.

There will be an emphasis on digital media and the issues they raise: form over content being the major issue, and the way forward.....

Mutual Reality is not a philosophy or a manifesto. Its concerns are with actuality and virtuality: the actual creation of new forms and what they embody. The creative approach will be similar to the base to apex workings of Ron Brooks' "Subsumption Architecture" which allows for a non-prejudicial approach so necessary in the "Digital community".

Mutual Reality - Peter Hodkinson

It is hoped that a real dialogue will develop and real (or virtual) works will manifest.

At present most of the innovative new works can only be experienced in the Underground/Techno clubland, Mutual Reality's aim is to try and extend the range to new venues: Installations (interior and exterior), permanent/non-permanent sites, and anywhere the creative virus can infiltrate. It may even be architecture!

M.R. will also address the complacency of the existing "Art Scene" by producing something it cannot ignore. M.R. is autonomous, its spirit a kind of Techno-Dada. Its basis is the melting pot of the emergent cosmology and the undermining of constricting hierarchical structures [of any kind] and it exists in the realm of "Why Not?" and "You Know Who You Are".

Mutual Reality has come about by talking and listening to many people and I am proposing it as a fluid base to address the issues now facing us all, I regard myself as a contributor. Mutual Reality is hopefully a MUTUAL REALITY.

Ongoing projects:

Chemical Paintings (Cyberia and Subcyberia)

Lum-Chroma - Electronic music and light visual, installations.

Alien Circuitry - extensions of "organic circuit diagrams" transmission placements.

"How to gain permission to erect Revolutionary Barricades". Evolution media, communications, things that work.

Fix website:

Address: Subcyberia, 24 Scala Street,

London WIP ILU.

For more info, contributions, contact: <peter.steersman AT>