Magic Carpet

By Tim Bacon, 4 July 2003
Image: ZERO, 2003, hand-made woolen wall-hanging rug, 137cm

London's Docklands and Spitalfields play host to Tim Bacon's woolly art

As a member of the now deceased cultural entity, CORP, artist Tim Bacon had a knack of homing in on apparently banal cultural objects and imbuing them with an aura of menace and mystery. A brief foray into painting produced a series of solitary, empty spaces that made Edward Hopper’s scenes of urban isolation look positively sociable. Since then, Bacon appears to have chosen the life of solitude for himself – patiently crocheting his way through miles of subtly coloured wool, to metamorphose found digital pictures into fibrous art. Too good for the floor, too good for the living room, Bacon here shoots them in the wild.

>> ZERO, 2003, hand-made woolen wall-hanging rug, 137cm

>> Soft Rock III [Falkenstein], 2002, hand-made woolen wall-hanging rug, 206cm x 316cm

Tim Bacon’s carpets were on display in the group show ‘NIBS’ at the Hoxton Distillery, London, from 23 May – 15 June []

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