Holy Mother

By David Mandl, 10 July 2000

These are a couple of pages from the diary of Martha Lane Fox, co-founder of the British Internet startup LMC’s heavily hyped stock soared 35% on its hugely successful first day of trading (14th March) and then plummeted about 80% shortly afterward, leaving some extremely angry investors. (Found) By David Mandl.

Monday, March 13, 2000

07:30: Go to window; wave to cheering throng08:00: Negotiate terms for MLF doll with Mattel08:30: Rehearse acceptance speech for Financial Times Twenty-First Century Achievement Award09:00: Buy Hampstead Heath09:30: Finish design of board game10:30: Submit proposal for irrigation of Sahara11:30: Reshuffle Morgan Stanley Executive Committee12:00: Sit for portrait for 10-Euro coin13:00: Get massage from Archbishop of Canterbury14:00: Politely decline offer to head European Central Bank14:15: Italian Vogue photo shoot17:00: Heal sick babies19:00: Tape Friends guest appearance01:20: Approve page-proofs for Tuesday’s International Herald Tribune

Monday, April 3, 2000

07:30: Don’t forget to pack bag lunch09:00: Change phone number again10:00: Chuck ‘lucky’ rabbit’s foot10:30: BBC World Business News interview (remember: was really Brent’s idea!)12:00: Ask Jeeves about detergents for rotten vegetable stains12:30: Get more crocodiles for moat13:30: Press conference to rebut rumours of connection15:00: Buy milk, vegetables (don’t forget to bring 800 shares of LMC stock)15:45: Send ‘cease & desist’ letters to wise-guy webmasters at,, and LastOneOutCloseTheDoor.com16:30: Talk to Geri H. re: Any more ‘goodwill ambassador’ openings?17:00: Check w/solicitor: Is it legal to sell OBE medals on eBay?17:30: Borrow $50 for annual domain-name renewal

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