By Pauline van Mourik Broekman, 21 January 2004

Nuclear Glowboyzonez

glowboyzoneWho can forget their first nuclear film? For those growing up in the 1980s, TV-films such as The Day After and Threads left no psychological security intact. More than a decade later, artist Mark Waller has embarked upon something more contemplative, if in no way less dark. Glow Boys, Waller's fourteen minute film, sets its sight on the longer term: the West thinks it has moved beyond the nuclear arms race, but the show - capitalism - won't go on without electricity, and a significant percentage of electricity is dependent on nuclear power. glowboyzoneGlow Boys is set in an English nuclear facility and gradually unpicks some of its most salient characteristics - the elimination of 'natural' time cycles (see the illuminated motto "Where Science Never Sleeps"), the covert disregard for workers' bodies (i.e. lives) and the creeping mutation/mutilation of surrounding 'wildlife' - to talk about money, time, power relationships and human frailty. A deceptively simple story of canteen workers (including a singing 'n' dancing Mark E. Smith), a local couple who like to hunt and an employee who thinks he's invincible, Glow Boys tells it like it is: 'Science Fiction Realism'.


Glow Boys will be premiered in London in October 1998 Aerial Films T: 0181 960 2734