Genre That, Muthafucka

By Jim Flint, 10 April 2001

Fuck knows what Si Begg thinks he’s doing. The man is clearly insane. Exhibit A: The Complete Death of Cool, an amalgamation of the ‘best’ (i.e. the most obviously barking) bits from The Complete Death of Cool: Parts 1 and 2, released over the last few years by Begg’s Noodles Foundation (see Mute18), the self-styled “stupidest recording Organisation in the World”. Featuring the work of Begg himself (under various pseudonyms), his pal Zygmunt Janowski (crazy name, crazier guy), and such electronic luminaries as Mouse on Mars, Neil Lanstrumm and Steve Dixon (of Drug Free America fame), the overall effect is like someone letting off a nitrous oxide capsule in a 1970s Disney movie soundtrack edit studio. Super-kitsch, super-satirical sound collage. Mental.

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