Drang und Bass

By Martin Conrads, 21 January 2004

Opposite the old Prussian Bode Museum and situated on the river Spree, Berlin's association [kunst und technik] lodges in an old GDR barracks, where it minds the gap between lab, showroom and meeting place. With its cross-examination of artists and their technics/techniques, Berlin-Mitte's [kunst und technik] is not just a place ‘of art' but also a semi-public forum focused on communication and exchange. Equipped "with a swarm of external radical forces", the 9 members of [kunst und technik] (architects, artists and media people) create work between "technology, structure and communication". Exploring the heterogeneous fields of art und technology and dwelling in a comfortable corporate backlab, it has been suggested that [kunst und technik] is continuing the development of the techno-esque logic of Berlin's legendary locations (like Friseur/Botschaft, Elektro or Panasonic) of the early/mid 90s. Whereas it was easy to select the places to go in those glory days, nowadays there is a broad variety of modular projects and locations in Mitte, so let's dispose with this linear myth making madness. Sometimes journalists suspect that soft drinks are served in the same building at logarithmic times, but this rumour must remain unconfirmed. In the meantime, definitely have a look at their website.

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