Blackmarket Presents 2 STEP - Various (Azuli)

By Steve Goodman, 10 April 2000

1)Incubate underground until wavelength ubiquity is attained; 2) destratify the metric using break asymmetrix; 3) transpose into vocal science; 4) find weak spots (everyone loves electromance); 5) enter the mainstream Trojan Horse style; 6) infect through proliferation of compilations. This is the virodynamics of the UK hyperdub we have all become accustomed to through the 90s. Released in early February in the middle of a spiralling UK garage hype-wave (phase5), this compilation’s key cuts from 99 include Wookie’s Scrappy and remix of Gabrielle’s Sunshine (a disturbingly addictive slice of quivering Nutrasweet synthetic soul), Lennie Fontana’s twitch’n’ grind Spirit of the Sun, 212’s Phone Tune (callin all WAP kru) and DJ Dee-Kline’s health conscious I Don’t Smoke. Me neither.

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