By Keith Tyson, 26 September 2008

Light attracts mothsTelevision cameras attract waving peoplePlus attracts minus

Cheese attracts mice

Seaside towns attract motorcyclistsFemales attract malesMales attract males

Females attract femalesAccidents attract an audienceFlashing lights attract fruit machine addictsBlack attracts gothsHorses attract 13 year old girlsMoving ships attract dolphinsBig objects attract small objectsLove attracts hateShit attracts flies

Sweets attract children

Pianos attract renditions of 'Chopsticks'

Money attracts moneyTraffic cones attract students

Photo booths attract loversBlood attracts sharksLeadheads attract lightning

Attractions/ Streamer: Keith Tyson

Streamer: Keith Tyson

Streamer is a bridge between two infinitely distant points. It takes the form of a continuous linear sequence of texts and illustrations; each page of text becoming the generator for the subsequent text in the series. In this way, all that can ever be viewed is a section from the middle of its length, no matter how large the selection on show may be.

Unlike most texts, Streamer travels in two directions. Its path can never be predicted further than one text from its current position, as each panel must be complete before it can act as generator. Streamer has no distinguishable point of origin nor any teleology to fulfil.

As Streamer navigated through various subjects and discourses, it becomes a diverse library that manifests itself through magazines, art galleries, books, recordings, posters and the internet.

All streamer panels are original works of fiction.