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Housing Justice - Free Event

By mute, 5 March 2018
Friday 11th May: 10:00am  - 5:30pm (Panel discussions and Plenary)
Friends Meeting House, School Lane, Liverpool

Saturday 12th May: 10:30am - 5pm (Local walking tour, films, housing activism)

Housing has become the main site of inequality, poverty and debt for many people in the UK. Since 2010, levels of household debt, evictions and homelessness have reached record levels with often harmful consequences. The tragic death of Grenfell Tower tenants reveals the extent to which housing policies and policy-makers prioritise profit over protection. Housing inequality looks set to worsen as the Conservative government plan to roll out more privatisation and deregulation which will erode the right to decent housing even further. In the face of these challenges, housing campaigns and activists are mobilising public support, protesting against the criminalisation of rough sleepers, providing alternative legal support for housing communities and encouraging participation in local-level politics. From organising local level ‘eviction watches’, to lobbying political parties and trade unions for solidarity and support, housing campaigns have never been so crucial to protecting the basic right to adequate housing.

This two-day event brings together housing campaigners, activists and researchers from across the UK to share and exchange experiences about how we can tackle the multiple challenges in housing and demand housing justice. This includes people from: housing campaigns, community land trusts, tenant unions, construction, trade unions, activists and artists.

Organised by HERC, Open University and University of Liverpool
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