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By mute, 31 May 2015


End the disparity between staff at the Tate!

London Tate Galleries employs two types of Visitor Assistants: some directly, some indirectly through their security contractors Wilson James. Those employed indirectly do the same job as directly employed Tate Visitor Visitor Assistant’s, ensuring the general public enjoys the Tate’s collection which spans British art from 1500 to the present day, and international modern and contemporary art.

What we are demanding is that; 
• We are paid the same as the majority of Tate Staff for equal work at £10.80 per hour 
• We request your signature and support to ask Sir Nicholas Serota, Tate Director for equality with our Tate employed Visitor Assistant colleagues.

Despite this high level of service that is requested by the Tate, and its reliance on a regular body of contract staff many of whom have been working at Tate galleries for as long or longer than directly employed Visitor Assistants, it puts no measures in place to ensure that its contractor meets a pay scale enjoyed by its own staff.

Why is this important?

Privatisation of public services brings worse conditions for staff employed in museums & galleries.

Wilson James staff: 
• Are on Zero Hour contracts 
• Are paid almost £3 less per hour than most Tate staff, well below the London living wage 
• Do not get the same pension rights 
• Do not get any contractual sick pay unlike Tate staff 
• Do not get the same holiday pay or maternity pay unlike Tate staff 
• Do not get secondments or most of the benefits of being a Tate staff

Wilson James staff have been offered a derisory 13p per hour increase in 2015!!

This year’s Turner prize nominations weigh heavily on art making with a social conscience. The Tate is a flagship cultural institution for London and the UK, which receives public funding towards its rich and diverse programmes. Surely at a time when individuals are struggling to maintain a decent standard of living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, recognising and looking after the contribution of all staff should be a priority, as important as any material resource or new art acquisition, one of the most important gestures to be made.

How it will be delivered

Hand deliver the petition to Sir Nicholas Serota, Tate Director as well as Wilson James local management.