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By mute, 25 June 2013
Image: Trenton Oldfield and Deepa Naik


Due to unusual circumstances, this is an unusual newsletter, though very much related to This Is Not A Gateway and Myrdle Court Press
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A little over a week ago we received a removal letter from the Home Office on grounds that Trenton is "an undesirable, that has unacceptable associations and he could be considered a threat to national security.... (presence in the UK is) not conducive to the public good"


These claims are a reaction to Trenton's peaceful direct action protest against elitism in British culture; the inequality it creates and the current asset stripping of much needed public services. 


A chilling escalation of the criminalisation of protest.  Deportation would have far reaching implications on our work and family life. Separation would likely be the end of Myrdle Court Press and This Is Not A Gateway


We are of course not the only people facing deportation. Britain has always attacked so-called 'foreigners', however the new changes in immigration laws are absurd, racist and inhumane. The UK government is deporting people who are at risk of being killed on return to their home countries. Families are being ripped apart. It has to stop. We know, in many ways we are very privileged, though concerned about our situation - there are so many people who have and are facing much worse.


2 links with important information:


- Devastating effects of new migration rules on people in Britain


- Extradition: The Case of Talha Ahsan


5 things you can do in 10 minutes to assist: 


1. Please sign and share these petitions that ask Teresa May to reconsider her decision: Defend The Right To Protest and Guy Ramp 


2. Please click 'no' on this Guardian website poll: "Should Trenton be forced to leave the UK"


3. Trenton's appeal will rely on him having to prove he is "conducive to public good". Please email us if you would be willing to write a reference and/or come to the tribunal and speak about Trenton's character and our work. Please blog, write, tweet in support of Trenton. Defend the Right to Protest is organising a strategy meeting this Friday, please join if you have ideas to fight this. Please contact us if you could speak to media about our case, ideas of citizenship, 'undesirability' and the broader immigration policies. 


4. Leave a comment on this Guardian article about our situation.


5. Buy 'The Queen vs Trenton Oldfield: A Prison Diary'. £14.99 including shipping. All proceeds go towards covering the 'Crown's costs'. Due in 3 months. 


Please check back on the This Is Not A Gateway website for regular updates from us. Please share this widely. We have the energy to fight this, would be great if you joined us too. Thank you!

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With All  Our Bests,
Deepa Naik & Trenton Oldfield

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