Designing Politics: God of Money

Illustration from God of Money

Visually retold for the contemporary reader, Karl Marx's famous words on money are particularly apt for the world we live in.


A presentation by Gita Wolf at Anagram Books, Saturday 8pm October 21st, Berlin. Hosted by Mute magazine http://linkme2.net/ws

Anagram Books, Lausitzer Str. 35, 10999 Berlin.

Cashless economy

November 2011, FT.  Paypoint, a processor of electronic card transactions using terminals  in neighbourhood shops, is expected to win a UK government contract to administer welfare benefit payments, previously handled by the all-but-defunct Post Office.  Is it too soon to imagine the potential for an all-'smart' card benefit system, allowing monitoring of claimants' purchases or restriction to an approved list of products, as with the vouchers that replace cash for asylum applicants?  (Micro-control of low-income lifestyles

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