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The Mute magazine print archive has its first release for sale as an original, limited edition set of all fifty-one issues of the print versions of the magazine, covering twenty years of publishing from 1994 to 2014.

The Missing Subject of Accelerationism

As with utopian modernism and its attempt to separate Geist from Reason, today’s accelerationists have run into the old problem of differentiating their version of progress from that of capitalist development itself. In his review of the #Accelerate reader, Simon O’Sullivan identifies the crux of the problem as the absent theory of the subject

Pedunculated Fandango

Acknowledging the trends of a new cultural-topological turn Jonathan Kemp reads Sha Xin Wei’s recent book on poiesis, enchantment and topology, inside out


I teach you the friend and his overflowing heart. But you must understand how to be a sponge if you want to be loved by overflowing hearts

Irational.org’s Traum

Irational.org’s Traum a Psychoarchaeologist’s Dramaturgy

By V.M.

Series editors: Clemens Apprich, Josephine Berry Slater, Anthony Iles & Oliver Lerone Schultz

Published in association with Post-Media Lab Books

Becoming Camwhore, Becoming Pizza

Jennifer Chan, factum/mirage, 2010

In the hot lava of social media flows the critical distance between performing and being a ‘somebody’, a subject type, seems to collapse, along with the ‘integrity’ of art’s own space and frame.

Radical Net Cultures - Seminar Leuphana University

John Maynard Nothing

The name of Keynes and Keynesianism have been bandied about endlessly in the four years since the crisis of 2008. Danny Hayward examines the orthodoxies and imbecilities which these words continue to animate



2012 London
presented by

A twelve day prelude moving across the city; a 
twelve-hour sound art opera of betrayal and 
rebellion culminating in a spectacular series of 
disturbing performances in Chelsea College of Art 
Parade Ground; a one-day coda of debate.

Moving Forest expands the last 12 minute of 
Kurosawa's adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth, 
'Throne of Blood' (1957), into a sonic 

Video Vortex #9 : video re:assemblies

... coming with some kind of PML-participation:

Video Vortex 9 - reassemblies (Open Call)

28 February - 2 March 2013

Video Vortex 9 – reassemblies

Video as an artifact always has been assembled. Now at this critical stage of digital video culture, it gets reassembled on a new level: between new affordances, attention shifts and the threat of over-regulation and customization, a.k.a. ‘walling’ and ‘gardening’.

reSource 001: “Trial Crack”

reSource 001: Illustration by Jonas Frankki

@ General Public, 11-12 May |  Start: 11.05.2012 - 15:00 --- End: 12.05.2012 - 19:00

Address: General Public, Schönhauser Allee 167, 10435 Berlin (U2 Senefelder Platz)

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