La Serveuse: Notes on the movement against the loi du travail

A collection of notes, no longer written by a waitress, no longer regarding only the mouvement contre le loi du travail. La Serveuse covers events from the movement’s beginnings in March this year to the present 

Thursday 6 December 2018

a tiny resumé of today, in English, from La Serveuse:

When the Streets Run Red: For a 21st-Century Anti-Lynching Movement

The heterogeneous elements of the Black Lives Matter movement are fighting white supremacy by confronting gendered domination, capitalism, and the repressive apparatuses of the state. Erin Gray traces the critical impulse of the current movement against anti-black violence to the legacy of Ida B. Wells’s radical anti-lynching campaigns, and suggests that the fiercest opposition to police terror in the US has always been against the law


When in March 2010 police and management connived in the eviction of an occupation at the University of Sussex, people were surprised at the willingness of University senior managers to maintain the ‘smooth functioning’ of their institutions by violent means.

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