Call for Papers: Art and Housing Struggles: between art and political organising

First Announcement and Call for Papers:


Art and Housing Struggles: between art and political organising

Pyramid Dead - The Artangel of History

The Heygate Estate has stood partially empty for several years, a living monument to the expulsion, AKA ‘regeneration’, of working class populations from the centre of London. Chris Jones reports on the entrance onto this sorry scene of public art commissioning agency Artangel, and the class, art and housing politics which surround their hasty exit


Domino, no, no!

The Domino sugar factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is  currently being torn down and replaced with massive condominiums.

As it happens, these fly-thru-friendly towers (pictured  above) uncannily resemble some absurd drawings for post-9/11 skyscrapers I made back when everyone was supposed to think the real threat of massive destruction was coming from Al-Qaida.

The Black community bookshop. cafe and centre, Centreprise, in Dalston,
  East London was
  evicted last week. They had been paying a peppercorn rent of £500 odd a
  year since 1984, and Hackney Council had demanded this be upped to a
  market rent of around £37,000. Centreprise claimed that they had bought
  the building in 1983, which is disputed by the Council; they offered to
  pay £12,000 a year, but Hackney rejected this, took them to court and won
  possession... Centreprise were preparing an appeal, but were evicted

Support for Trenton Oldfield facing jail for the right to protest

the public

Mute magazine would like to give its support to Trenton Oldfield and his protest that took place back in April 2012, where he disrupted this year's University Boat Race in a protest against elitism.

Is Black History in Hackney?

Hackney Council in the East End of London plan to drop CLR James's name from a public library in fashionable Dalston. As the UK regime of austerity deepens, should we be fighting for symbolic concessions to those deleted or displaced by gentrification, or is it time for a more material response?, asks Ben Seymour

Welcome to the Big Society!

The first in an irregular series of Mute columns kicks off with some reflections on a very special week for the UK and its 'plabour' pool

London is a World Class City!

Reader Flattery – Iain Sinclair and the Colonisation of East London

Iain Sinclair is familiar as a psychogeographic chronicler of London’s East End in transition from Dickensian darkness to socially cleansed sterility. But is he an enemy of the urban enclosures or a literary estate agent, a seer or a voyeur? John Barker offers a stylistic analysis and some embedded psychogeographic reportage of his own

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