Liverpool's Docks, Dust and Dirt

While recycling is promoted as universally positive the material processes associated with recycling itself are potentially dangerous. Essays by Brian Ashton, Steve Tombs & David Whyte, together with an artwork by David Jacques, explore the dirty business of ‘regeneration’ on Liverpool’s dockside


Epistemic Panic and the Problem of Life

In this transcript of a presentation given at the Accelerationism symposium in Berlin December 2013, Josephine Berry Slater questions whether, in the era of biopolitics, forms of epistemic ‘accelerationism’ can be divorced from the management of life from which they flee



A Christmas Gif(t)

Mutatis Mutandis

Josephine Berry Slater reviews the ASC gallery’s show Mutagen

Performative Equations and Neoliberal Commodification: The Case of Climate

In Vol 3 #4, Mute attempted to wrap its collective brain around the steep abstractions of one of capitalism’s strangest products: HFT algorithms. In this article Larry Lohmann, describing capitalism’s process of making unlike things alike, extends the analysis to cutting-edge attempts by states and markets to commodify climate


Coastal Returns

Ellen Feiss reviews Mark Fisher and Justin Barton's installation, On Vanishing Land, at the Showroom, London


Opening a short series of essays on the concept of Natural Beauty in Adorno’s work, originally presented in London at Historical Materialism 2012, Sebastian Truskolaski introduces the concept's negative foundation and utopian promise


The Crystal World

The Garden of Earthly Delights

Establishing a temporary experimental research station within spitting distance of East London's Olympic Park, The Crystal World proposed to decrystallise digital dystopia and recrystallise unlikely new contingent cultures. Matthew Fuller wades through the muck


Origin and Extinction, Mourning and Melancholia

If extinction is inscribed into and necessary for the emergence of life, how, asks Nathan Brown, can we ever integrate the mourned object into our material lives? And what part, if any, can cinema play in this mediation?


The true health of spirit consists in the perfection of reminiscence.

– Arthur Schopenhauer


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