The Crystal World

About TheKnowledge

The work of art in the age of digital transition

TheKnowledge borrows its name from the learning and examination performed by London Cab drivers to test their navigation skills of the streets of London. The city’s topography – its neighbourhoods, street names, and short cuts – is internalised by endlessly driving around the city during an arduous training period, at the end of which ‘the knowledge’ is understood to be etched indelibly in their memory.

Freemasons Of The Future

The Semantic Web, a machine readable representation of everything, is a future that has already started to arrive. The University of Openess’ Faculty of Cartography looks at its dual potential to flatten and diversify the relations between data and existence. By Saul Albert, Simon Worthington, and Fabian Thompsett, with help from Ben Russell, Jo Walsh and Asim Butt.

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