NO JOKE: Untangling the DNA Code of Alt-Right Comedy

In the run up to Trump’s election, US ‘alt-right’ ensemble Million Dollar Extreme weaponised comedy and post-internet aesthetics to target latent middle and working class resentment. Analysing the tics and tropes of MDE's project to inculcate a new misogynist, white supremacist ‘common sense’, EG Daymare shows how the ridiculers can be ridiculed and refused



Video Vortex #9 : video re:assemblies

... coming with some kind of PML-participation:

Video Vortex 9 - reassemblies (Open Call)

28 February - 2 March 2013

Video Vortex 9 – reassemblies

Video as an artifact always has been assembled. Now at this critical stage of digital video culture, it gets reassembled on a new level: between new affordances, attention shifts and the threat of over-regulation and customization, a.k.a. ‘walling’ and ‘gardening’.

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