Revolutionary Leaflets and Comrade Things

In his recent Anti-Book, Nicholas Thoburn finds the communist escape hatch leading out of the fortified gulag of commodity-book production. Review by Anthony Iles


Revolutionary leaflets and kindred things: they look as though they have been overtaken by catastrophes, even when they are no older than 1918. Looking at them, one can see that what they wanted did not come to pass. Hence their beauty.

Plants, Androids and Operators - A Post-Media Handbook

Cover Plants, Androids and Operators - A Post-Media Handbook

Plants, Androids and Operators – A Post-Media Handbook


Psyche-Pol: Project Outline


Remaking Media Practices – From Tactical Media to Post-Media

If media theory over the last 40 years largely understood media as hopelessly contaminated by capitalism, the quietism implied by this critique also met its challenge in Guattari’s concept of ‘becoming-media’. Here Clemens Apprich revisits key media political debates to imagine post-media approaches in the age of social media


About the Post-Media Lab

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Anomie/Bonhomie & Other Writings

Anomie Bonhomie book cover

In this collection of writings, Howard Slater improvises around what Walter Benjamin could have meant by the phrase 'affective classes'. This 'messianic shard' and its possible implications leads Slater to develop a therapeutic micro-politics by way of a mourning for the Workers' Movement and a grappling with the 'becomings of capital'. The essay 'Anomie/Bonhomie' is the keystone of this book which also features tributary texts and poems drawn from the past ten years.

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