Membership guide

A brief guide to using the membership area.

The membership area contains curated collections from Mute's archive, primarily the Mute anthology Proud to be Flesh. The collections are available on the web but they can also be downloaded as eBook and as offline HTML using the 'Print Friendly Version' link at the bottom of all articles.

The membership area is also a place for discussion and this is where we've added services like DISQUS for comments and Shotbox for chat.

Later we'll be adding the ability to make new collections and annotation. The annotation functions will work with text markup, like highlighting and commenting, but also with rich-media annotation using Storify.

Getting started

  1. Create an account, adding in your real name so that we can enable your special membership account.
  2. Collections - this can be found here
  3. You can download eBook versions and HTML versions via the 'Print Friendly' versions at the bottom of each article.

Commenting and chat

You can add comments to articles using the DISQUS comment area and Shoutbox allows you can chat with other Metamute users, remember these are all public. To use DISQUS you will need to login with either your Twitter or Facebook account in the comments box. Alternatively you can create a new DISQUS account

Coming soon

In the near future we'll be adding the following features.

  1. Make your own collection
  2. Storfiy articles
  3. Text highlighting annotation